Liberal Democrat DA Driving Crime Up

Violent Crimes Up 60% in LA According to Latest LAPD Data Since 2019

March 25, 2022 By Stephen Frank – California Political Review

In the past two years Los Angles lost over 180,000 residents.  At the same time crime went up by 60%, the elected DA decided not to prosecute lots of crimes and to give no cash bail to most of the arrest criminals.  LA County is short 800 Deputies and the City of LA is short about the same number.  Cops are afraid to arrest anyone, since if the arrest someone of the wrong color they will be accused of being racist (even black and Hispanic cops) sued and possibly given criminal trials.

“According to the LAPD, citywide robberies are up 18% compared to this time last year, and up 5% compared to 2020. City wide robberies with a firearm also went significantly up, climbing 44% from this time last year, 57% from 2020, and 60% compared to 2019. While 36% of robberies and 74% of all robberies as part of the increase from last year used a firearm, the LAPD also got into specifics, such as noting that those who wore expensive jewelry in  public have been targeted more often in armed robberies.”

If you are a tourist, you have a real opportunity to witness a crime.  For the “lucky”, you could become a crime victim.

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